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Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Spine, ENT

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Your decision to purchase a operating microscope will affect the way you operate for years to come!

So, shouldn’t you have a professional to consult with to meet your current and future needs?

This is where we come in!

We don’t sell you a microscope, we provide you with an operative style.

Consider the following:

·         How important are the physical ergonomics of using the microscope?

e study how you address and operate the microscope and then offer accessories that will reduce muscle and eye strain to make you comfortable no matter the number or duration of your cases.

·         How important is workflow to you in using your microscope?

We study the workflow of your operating room to include how the clinical staff prepares the microscope for use and readies all the ancillary accessories such as video, recording, image display.
The less time your clinical staff has to spend hooking things together, the more time you can concentrate on your patient. We can solve for these issues.

·         Would you like a microscope that is always in balance and glides like a feather?

Well, we have solutions for you no matter what the surgical discipline: One button balance and individual surgeon programmed settings  for speed control, illumination, magnification, working distance and maneuverability. 

You probably have many more considerations and we want to hear every one of them!

 Contact us for a consultation.