Haag-Streit Neuro Microscope Accessories

Haag-Streit Neuro Microscope accessories provide added capabilities to an already capable microscope system. These accessories may well enhance your surgical microscope capabilities. HS C.INJECT 1000 is the only Image Injection system that is binocular as well as 1080p. In addition, the HS C.INJECT 1000 is the most efficient light management system available as is the HS C.DUO Light Router. Both have separate bilateral video ports hence freeing up the side ports for side observers.

  • HS C.INJECT 1000 HD Image Injection
  • HS C.DUO Light Router
  • ALA/PPIX Fluorescence
  • ICG Fluorescence Angiography
  • M.DIS (Microscope Display)
  • Mouth Switch
  • Stereo Side Observer
  • HS M.FOCUS (Auto Focus)
  • HS MIOS 5 (Video Recorder)

Furthermore, each accessory can be seamlessly integrated into the HS 5-1000 or the HS 3-1000 neurosurgical microscope.

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HS C.INJECT 1000 HD Image Injection

The ONLY HD 1080p, Binocular Image Injection Light Router Available

  • HD 1080p Binocular Image Injection
  • Programmable Full Image or Overlay Functions
  • Two Lateral Video Ports
  • Video Bridge for HD Camera and IR Camera
  • Two Lateral Side Ports for Side Observer Scope
  • 360 deg Rotation of Eyepieces
  • Face to Face for Two Surgeons

HS C.DUO Light Router

The Most Efficient Light Router Available

  • Face to Face for Two Surgeons
  • Two Lateral Video Ports
  • Two Lateral Side Ports for Side Observer Scope
  • Video Bridge for HD Camera and IR Camera (optional)
  • 360 deg Rotation of Eyepieces

ALA/PPIX Fluorescence

Integrated ALA Fluorescence Filter and Illumination For Tumor Visualization

  • Blue ALA Filter Integrated Into Optical Head
  • One Button On Right Handle Activates
  • Surgeon Can Switch Between Regular Mode and Fluorescence Mode At Any Time

ICG Fluorescence Angiography

The HS 5-1000 Neurosurgical Microscope Incorporates Integrated ICG IR Camera and Special ICG Illumination Filter to Produce a Brilliant Fluoresced Image

  • ICG IR Camera and ICG Filtered Light Source Integrated
  • One Button On Right Handle Activates
  • ICG Image Displays On M.DIS at Surgeon Eyepiece
  • Playback of ICG Angiography on MIOS 5


The M.DIS (Microscope Display) is Located Just Above the Surgeon Eyepiece and Accepts Up to 3 Video Feeds

  • Touch Screen so Surgeon Can Change Views Intra-Operatively
  • Easily Viewed and Operated Through the Sterile Drape
  • ICG View Is At The Surgeon Eyepiece

Mouth Switch

Integrated Onto Surgeon Eyepiece Allowing Hands Free Movement Of The Microscope In 3 Axes

Stereo Side Observer

Allows Observing Surgeon to View From The Side

  • Rotates Through 3 Axes
  • Integrated Image Rotation
  • Inclinable Eyepiece


Provides Auto Focus With Focal Area Adjustments Intra-Operatively

  • Auto Focus
  • Focus Area and Size Are Adjustable on MIOS 5 Touch Screen


MIOS 5 (Microscope Imaging and Operating System) Is Touch Screen Activated For HD Video Recording and Patient Documentation

  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Records HD Video and HD Screenshots
  • Documents Patient Information Associated With Videos
  • Integrates With Hospital PACS Via DICOM
  • Storage Via Internal HDD and External Devices Via USB Port
  • External Storage Can Be Simultaneous To Actual Surgery
  • MIOS 5 Is Necessary For ICG and M.FOCUS