Sony Content Management System

The Sony Content Management System (Sony CMS) is a smart operating room video workflow manager.

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Sony Medical Content Management System (CMS)

Sony Medical Content Management System (CMS) is a centralized medical assets management system. This system can archive video, still images, and documents effectively and can enable easy and secure access to them throughout a hospital’s network. This becomes a central repository that’s more efficient and secure than removable media. The Sony CMS can store video content shot in multiple O.R.s for re-purposing and re-use.

Thanks to associated patient information, content is easily searchable via PC, Mac®, or iPad®. Sony CMS also provides a near real-time monitoring function for sharing the live camera in the O.R. Authorized personnel can view activities in the O.R. from secure remote locations within the hospital’s network.

In addition, Sony CMS is:
• Comprised of a dedicated professional server pre-loaded with Sony CMS software.
• Fully scalable and expandable as the facility’s storage needs grow.
• Able to be implemented without intense bandwidth requirements or IT system overhauls
• Accessed through standard web browsers
• Capable of automatically creating proxy files
• Simple to add patient information and metadata
• Secure in access and control
• Convenient for quick scene searches

  • • Easy use of digital content for education and/or presentations with fewer data transfer constraints
  • • User-friendly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) of the Sony CMS for easy editing or distribution
  • • Live streaming to anywhere by IP
  • • Only one type of connector required—just plug in and it’s ready to go
  • • Use of O.R. controller features user-friendly GUI and thumbnails for intuitive operation
  • • Little extra training needed, as O.R. controller controls all medical devices
  • • Easy storage and retrieval of digital assets on a secure server
  • • Provides upgrade path from HD to 4K
  • • Easy set-up and operation by medical staff, thanks to IP-based design
  • • Centralized control of medical devices, including portable types using an O.R. controller
  • • API for easily customizing O.R. controller
  • • Does not impinge on workflow and O.R. is immediately available for next case


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Sony Network System Manager (NU-NM11B)

Designed for exclusive use with NU-IP40S/D IP converters, the Network System Manager software package controls the destination of video output. Along with the IP converters, the Network System Manager manages the IPCs and allows operators to easily route videos to destination devices, via an O.R. controller.

  • • Enables control from a general-purpose O.R. controller via an API (Application Programming Interface)
  • • Includes functions to notify the O.R. controller of its communication status—for example, outputs alert if a cable is disconnected during a surgical procedure
  • • Creates a thumbnail image from modalities with a connected IP converter and sends images to the O.R. controller
  • • Enables O.R. controller to control modalities or AV devices remotely via the RS-232C connection of the IP converter