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for the Past 30 Years

The Moeller [Haag-Streit Surgical] scope has the best combination of light source, crispness of view and depth of field. I get a great red reflex, the view of the eye during surgery are spectacular at all of the case, and I rarely have to move the focus lever.

Dr. Edward Meier M.D., Cincinnati OH

Our new equipment from CLA Medical is truly our new microscopic dream machine! The performance is everything we were looking for, and a new standard of excellence.

Dr. Jeffery Nau, M.D. - ENT Surgeon

When our microscope malfunctioned, you came through for us even though it was not a brand carried by CLA Medical. The EIBOS performed magnificently! You've earned the respect of our staff, for both your exceptional equipment and your customer service.

Dr. Warren Sobol, M.D. - Ophthalmic Surgeon

The Moeller [Haag-Streit Surgical] microscope has functioned very well at our outpatient center. The optics, resolution and reach from the base have satisfied all of us involved with outpatient spine surgery.

Dr. William Tobler, M.D. - Neurosurgeon



Chuck has the skill and foresight to design surgical microscopes and surgical video systems meeting individual surgeon requirements and specifications. He will sit in your operating room for hours studying your positioning, your ergonomics and the room workflow to offer a system that will “fit like a glove”.