Sony NUCLeUS: 

The Smart Digital Imaging Platform for Hospital ORs, ICUs, Robotic Surgeries as well as ASCs and medical training/education.

NUCLeUS offers a scalable, future-proof and vendor-neutral platform that streamlines the management and distribution of video content, still images and patient data across an entire IP network. Investing in the NUCLeUS platform brings a host of revolutionary benefits, from enhanced training and education to cost-effective networked content management.

Virtual or In-Person Demonstration

The best way to evaluate Sony NUCLeUS Smart Digital Imaging Platform is to view it in action. We can demonstrate virtually or in-person in your facility.

digital imaging platform
Sony Nucleus digital imaging platform
Sony NUCLeUS for Robotic Surgery

Warren E. Hill MD

Ophthalmologist, Mesa, AZ

Yuri McKee MD

Ophthalmologist, Mesa, AZ

Dr. Hill and Dr. McKee discuss and demonstrate the ergonomic and optical benefits of the Haag-Streit HS Hi-R NEO 900 Ophthalmic Microscope.

Haag-Streit Ophthalmic Microscopes

Haag-Streit Slit Lamp optics are the gold standard

The same optics are in the Haag-Streit Ophthalmic Microscopes

Since 1864, Haag-Streit Surgical GmbH microscope optics have been precision-made in Germany and Switzerland by skilled optics craftsmen. The benefit to you with this unparalleled optical expertise are optics that provide you with an incredible view of your surgical field.
Sony LMDX310MT 4K 3D Monitor

HD/3D/4K Monitors

Sony Medical 4K UHD video recorder

HD/3D/4K Video Recorders

Ikegami mkcx800 Native 4K Camera System

HD/4K Video Cameras

Sony UPC-R80MD A4 Color Print Pack

Sony Printer Paper/Media

Sony UPD898MD A6 Digital Black & White Printer

Sony Medical Grade Printers

“When our microscope malfunctioned, you came through for us even though it was not a brand carried by CLA Medical. The EIBOS performed magnificently! You’ve earned the respect of our staff, for both your exceptional equipment and your customer service.”
Warren Sobol MD

Ophthalmic Surgeon, Cleveland, OH

“From the very first case, the surgeons at East Valley Ophthalmology have been blown away by the image quality of the HS Hi-R NEO 900 surgical microscope. A brilliant red reflex and an amazing depth of field combined with comfortable ergonomics takes anterior segment surgery to a whole new level. We have never seen anything from Haag-Streit that did not end up being the very best in its class and the HS Hi-R NEO 900 surgical microscope is no exception.”
Warren E. Hill MD & Yuri McKee MD

Ophthalmologists, East Valley Ophthalmology

Regarding the Haag-Streit CO:RE Ophthalmic Surgeon Chair
“We’re here to take care of our patients and make them comfortable, and sometimes we just deal with our own discomfort in order to do so. In light of our understanding of the importance of good ergonomics, it is more crucial than ever for physicians to take care of themselves, too.”
Anup K. Khatana MD

Director, Glaucoma Service, Cincinnati Eye Institute

“As an ophthalmologist, there’s nothing more important than ergonomics, especially if you develop neck and spine disease. I’ve been proactive on this approach for more than twenty years. By improving ergonomics in your practice, you do a better job and your patients benefit from better care.”
Michael E. Snyder MD

Ophthalmologist, Cincinnati Eye Institute

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