Build Your Ophthalmic Microscope Instructions


    • In the main menu, Click on “Build Your Ophthalmic Microscope” in order to view the options.
    • Then select “Start Building Your Microscope”
    • Begin selecting individually, the optics, floor stands and any accessories that meet your requirements.
    • Add the selected product/accessory to your Quote Request.
    • At the bottom of each product/accessory selected, click on “Click Here to Continue Building Your Microscope” to return to the product/accessory selection page.
    • To add video equipment, go back to “Build Your Ophthalmic Microscope” in the main menu and select the “Medical Grade Video Cameras” and/or the “Medical Grade Video Records” and follow the same selection process as previously. They will be added to your total quote request.
    • Review all of your quote request selections by clicking on the “Items in Quote” basket in the Main Menu. Selections can be deleted, or more can be added at this time.
    • After reviewing your selections, fill out the contact information, check “I am Not a Robot” and click “Submit.”
    • Your quotation with pricing will be sent to you promptly.

CLA Medical is a certified Haag-Streit USA distributor for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. In addition, we are a certified national reseller of medical-grade video systems and printers from Sony Medical, Ikegami Medical, and Panasonic Medical. We specialize in surgical microscopes, surgeon chairs, printers, print media, cameras, monitors, and recorders. Our “How to Build Your Ophthalmic Microscope” tool can help you get started. We are also glad to meet with you to customize your equipment purchase and find the best combination for your operating room. We work with you and your staff throughout the process and after the installation of your equipment to ensure it is the right fit for your needs. Please contact us for further information about ophthalmic microscopes and medical-grade video equipment.