Haag-Streit CO:RE surgeon chair addresses ophthalmic surgeon neck and back painOphthalmic surgeon neck and back pain! Do you realize that 55% of ophthalmologists have been diagnosed with neck and back pain? And 85% of ophthalmologists have reported neck and back pain. Even more alarming is 15% have had to curtail their practice because of these injuries. That’s around 3,600 ophthalmologists who could still be practicing! Are you one of these? Read on and your latissimus dorsi will thank you.

Paying better attention to posture ergonomics could go a long way to reducing ophthalmic surgeons’ neck and back pain and extending their careers. At the end of a surgery day, do you feel stressed? Does your back and neck ache? If so, let’s start with alleviating that by getting you comfortable while sitting during surgery.

First of all, you need a surgical chair designed specifically for ophthalmic surgeons. To date, there are a plethora of surgical chairs, but not one is designed strictly to ergonomically position the ophthalmologist during surgery. Until now!

Haag-Streit designed the first surgeon chair specifically for ophthalmologists. The Haag-Streit SC900 Ophthalmic Surgeon Chair maximizes comfort and assists you in operating for extended periods without soreness or long-term injury to your back, neck, or shoulders. Dr. Michael E. Snyder describes his experiences with the HS SC900 Ophthalmic Surgeon Chair:

Your latissimus dorsi will thank you.

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