Halogen Floor Stand HS FS 2-21

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Halogen Floor Stand, from Haag-Streit Surgical, is the solution for ophthalmic surgeons seeking enhanced precision and stability during procedures - our cutting-edge illuminated floor stand tower. Designed specifically for those accustomed to halogen illumination, this innovative system combines advanced features with user-friendly controls to elevate your surgical experience.

Our floor stand tower boasts electromagnetic brakes, low friction bearings, and vibration dampers, ensuring seamless movement and unwavering stability in your preferred working position. Say goodbye to distractions caused by vibrations as our stand is virtually vibration-free, allowing you to focus solely on delivering exceptional patient care.

With mechanical and sensor-aided balancing, achieving optimal positioning is effortless. For added convenience, two 150 W halogen light bulbs are discreetly located internally, providing easy access and reliable illumination. Activate the backup 150 W halogen light bulb with a simple flip of a switch, ensuring uninterrupted visibility throughout your procedures.

We understand that every surgeon has unique preferences and requirements. That's why our illuminated floor stand tower features individual powered trays, allowing you to effortlessly integrate additional accessories such as camera control units, video recorders, or printers. Seamlessly customize your surgical environment to suit your specific needs.

Experience unparalleled control with our touchscreen programming. With just a few taps, you can program and save up to 10 individual surgeon settings, including focus, magnification, and XY speed controls. Set your preferred initial illumination, focus, and magnification starting points, empowering you to achieve consistent and precise results with every procedure.

The arm of our floor stand tower extends to an impressive maximal length of 1320 mm (52 in), providing you with flexibility and reach like never before. Attach accessories to the column using our specially designed holders, ensuring easy access to essentials such as the power cord and foot switch.

Elevate your surgical practice with our illuminated floor stand tower. Experience the perfect blend of advanced technology, ergonomic design, and user-friendly features, all packed into one exceptional solution. Join the ranks of leading ophthalmic surgeons who trust our innovative system to deliver superior outcomes with every procedure.