Non-Contact Fundus Observation EIBOS 2

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The unique feature of EIBOS 2 Non-Contact Wide Angle Fundus Observation is an integrated inverter shortening the surgeon eye to patient distance.

  • Inverter is integrated into EIBOS 2 eliminating manual inverting and decreasing eyepiece stack height.
  • EIBOS 2 body is extremely slim allowing instrument placement flexibility.
  • At low magnification simultaneously view the fundus and the incision area – both upright.
  • At medium or high magnification the surgeon has the impression of being “in the eye” instead of just looking at the fundus.
  • The microscope focuses on the corneal plane then the fine focus is accomplished with the EIBOS 2.
  • Viewing angles inside the eye are 90° for the 90 D lens and 124° for the wide-angle SPXL with 132 D.
  • EIBOS 2 is easily swung out of the working position.
  • The mounting system is designed so that the optical axis is always in the center of the visual field. Enables the inverter body to rotate to a position convenient to the surgeon.
  • Mounting suspensions are available for 175 mm or 200 mm front lenses.
  • The focus levers/knobs, lenses, and inverter silicone cover are sterilizable.
  • Will mount on all Haag-Streit ophthalmic microscopes and most Zeiss microscopes (not compatible with Leica microscopes).

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