EverPatch Ophthalmic Sclera Patch

EverPatch Ophthalmic Scleral Patch
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EverPatch ophthalmic sclera patch is the first synthetic and non-degradable tissue substitute for ophthalmic surgeries. And, it is poised to displace the use of donor and processed tissue, which eventually degrades and carries the risk of disease transmission.

The EverPatch is composed of a non-woven, polymer matrix, which integrates with surrounding tissue. Plus, it is intended to reinforce the sclera and aid the physical reconstruction of the ocular surface.

When implanted, the EverPatch ophthalmic sclera patch stimulates cellular proliferation, leading to progressive tissue integration. In-vivo studies demonstrate full fibroblast colonization and abundant collagen deposition as well as the presence of capillaries within the material 6 months post-implantation. Given its non-degradability, it enables the permanent anchoring of implants to surrounding tissue.

Primary uses of the CorNeat EverPatch ophthalmic sclera patch are: concealing glaucoma shunt tubes, bridging tissue gaps, covering suture knots, and for scleral defect repair.

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CorNeat EverPatch: Superior Alternative to Tissue Grafts (“The Ophthalmologist” May 2024 issue)

EverPatch Ophthalmic Scleral Patch 6 mo follow up

CorNeat EverPatch

12-Month Follow-Up for 3 Patients

EverPatch Ophthalmic Scleral Patch