HS FS 2-21 Halogen Floor Stand

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The HS FS 2-21 Halogen Floor Stand for ophthalmic surgeons that are used to halogen illumination. 

  • Electromagnetic brakes, low friction bearings, and vibration dampers for free movement and stability of the working position.
  • The stand is virtually vibration free.
  • Balancing is mechanical, sensor-aided.
  • For easy access, two 150 W halogen light bulbs are located internally in the floor stand tower.
  • The back up 150 W halogen light bulb can be activated with a flip of the switch.
  • Individual powered trays for additional accessories such as camera control units, video recorders or printers.
  • Touch screen programming for 10 individual surgeon settings such as: focus, magnification and XY speed controls; initial illumination, focus and magnification starting points.
  • Arm reach maximal length 1320 mm (52 in).
  • Holders available to attach accessories to the column such as the power cord and foot switch.

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