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  • 4K HD Video Camera Output with High Sensitivity: When providing full HD (1920 x 1080) & 4K (3840 x 2160) signal output, the MKC-704KHD has a sensitivity of F17 at 2000 lx(LINE MIX On)
  • Compact and Lightweight Camera Head: The compact and lightweight camera head is ideal for use in applications with limited space such as on a surgical microscope
  • Various Image Outputs: The 4K HD Video Camera CCU (camera control unit) outputs digital HD signals (HD-SDI and DVI), as well as, a 4K signal. By the internal down converter, composite signals(VBS, Y/C(S-VIDEO)) can be also output.
  • Dynamic Contrast Correction (DCC): It also achieves a higher contrast image without halation or black defects. improves contrast in the detail area.
  • Function Switch: Four switches are available on the CCU to custom assign to control functions important to the user.
  • Image Pickup Device: 1/3-inch, CMOS x 3.
  • Image Correction Function: Image detail, resolution and modulation depth are significantly improved by special image-correction.
  • Remote Control: By connecting an optional foot switch to the remote control terminal, external control is available for various functions including flip and turn function and scene file function.
  • Scene File: 4 scene files are provided to keep pre-set memories of various control functions for convenient use. Scene file data can be saved into and loaded from a USB memory.
  • Camera Cable Not Included – Choose at checkout.


  • Weight: 10 lb
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