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  • Sony HVO500MD/SUR HD Recorder for Surgical use. High quality Image Capture.
  • Robust 500GB Internal Hard Drive. 194 hours of HD video can be stored
  • Simultaneous recording to internal hard drive and external media via USB port eliminating the need for time-consuming video download.
  • Still image recording triggered via front panel button, optional footswitch or external USB keyboard.
  • No Patient ID Required to record.
  • Quick Playback- Just hit play and it will play last session recorded.
  • Pre-recording function- records 5 seconds of video before record button is hit.
  • Full HD up to 1920 X 1080i MPEG-4 and AVC-HD video recording formats.
  • Wide range of interfaces and network data transmission. Interfaces are provided for HDMI, DVI, composite video, S-Video and audio, as well as networked data transmission through CIFS to a centralized server.
  • Universal connectivity, compatible with any manufacturer’s SD or HD cameras.
  • Wired or wireless keyboards can be used to activate the on screen menu on a remote monitor.
  • On screen menu makes it easy for OR staff to input necessary information in minutes via a keyboard.

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  • Weight: 12 lb
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