Wet Lab Microscopes (Table Top System) Used (6 in Stock)

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Wet Lab Microscopes Include:

  • Includes:
    • Wet Lab Microscopes utilize the Moeller-Wedel Microflex Compact Microscope with manual 5 step magnification, manual tilt, motorized focus via foot switch, 43 mm variation of working distance, 175 mm front lens, 150 W halogen illumination
    • Moeller-Wedel T1000 powered controller for motorized focus and illumination intensity
    • Power cord for T1000 controller
    • Mounting pole with base and c-clamp to secure to wet lab table.
    • Friction spring arm with Microflex adapter
    • 2 way foot switch.
    • 180 degree 10X binocular
    • 50:50 beam splitter
    • Stereo side observer
    • Carbon fiber shipping/storage container with wheels


  • Weight: 70 lb
  • Width: 27 in
  • Depth: 11.26 in
  • Height: 21 in
  • Shipping Policy: FOB Origin/Carrier's Minimum Insurance

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