Sony NUCLeUS: The Smart Digital Imaging Platform (IP) for Hospitals

Sony Medical NUCLeUS Smart Digital Imaging Platform


NUCLeUS offers a scalable, future-proof, and vendor-neutral digital imaging platform that streamlines the management and distribution of video content – plus still images and patient data – across an entire network. As a result, investing in the NUCLeUS platform brings a host of revolutionary benefits, from enhanced training and education to cost-effective networked content management.

Sony NUCLeUS Smart Digital Imaging Platform is a device, format, and resolution agnostic; in addition, handling HD and 4K sources from a wide range of modality manufacturers.

  • Video, audio, and associated patient information is distributed over secure IP connections
  • Compatible with virtually various video standards and formats over a wide range of modalities such as endoscopes, ultrasound scanners, light cameras, PACS, and more
  • The NUCLeUS transmitter accepts 4K or HD visually lossless video with low latency through copper or fiber network interfaces

Touch Interface for Seamless and Intuitive Imaging Workflow.

  • Instantly route any image source to any destination, with no need to re-plug equipment
  • Switch to multiple monitors in full screen, picture-in-picture, or multi-split (quad view)
  • Record multiple video sources simultaneously on the network-based application using various combinations of format and resolution

 Advanced NUCLeUS Smart Applications.

  • With the support of NUCLeUS receiver with GPU and NUCLeUS Smart Applications add powerful real-time image processing features with low latency
  • Rotation correction enables the surgeon to stabilize the ‘horizon’ in an endoscopic video feed while rotating the scope; it also implements a method to automatically detect and undo unwanted image rotations up to 4K resolution

Secondary Usage to Enhance Training and Education: Achieve simultaneous recording of all OR video sources, in any combination of formats and resolutions. And audio recording is also possible. Reach outside the OR and share an accurate live stream of surgical interventions at conferences and lectures.

  • Centralized storage and easy access across the hospital network achieving data linked to the patient ID
  • Streamed video and bidirectional audio enhance collaboration between colleagues in the OR and outside.
  • Shared video and metadata that goes outside the OR are encrypted for its security.

Telestration and Editing: This allows the exchange of real-time video content with colleagues and remote annotation of live streams. Also, video can be edited in the OR and on a client PC across campus. The annotated image is sent back in real-time from a remote location.

  • Integrates video editing functions such as multi-cutting, creates still images from video and adds annotations.
  • Telestration function allows the remote viewer to indicate grid or highlight elements in the streaming video such as pen, text, line, square, and circle.
  • Easy user group management and secured log-in access

Integration with Hospital Infrastructure and Future Proofing.

  • Can be seamlessly integrated with HIS/RIS, PACS, and EMR to create comprehensive, easily accessible patient records
  • Preventive solution maintenance, including self-monitoring capabilities of the system from outside the hospital
  • NUCLeUS adapts as requirements change, keeping pace with the latest imaging workflow innovation by adding extra functionality
Sony Medical NUCLeUS


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Sony Medical Sony NUCLeUS Smart Digital Imaging Platform
Sony Medical NUCLeUS Smart Digital Imaging Platform
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