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A 1/2″ vs 1/3″ Video Camera. In general, the bigger sensor size is better, because you can either put bigger pixels on it, or more of them, or both which translates to better images in low light situations. The smaller the sensor, the more inherent magnification. The larger the camera sensor, the better the resolution will be with less magnification. In addition, you must also consider the video lens format size. It can be either a 1/2″ or a 1/3″ and must match the camera sensor size. The video camera sensor size must match the video adapter lens format. A 1/3″ video camera can be mounted on a 1/2″ video adapter which can cause vignetting around the edges. However a 1/2″ video camera on a 1/3″ adapter will result in a larger field of view with the image overlapping the adapter lens and being cropped. So, size does matter when considering a 1/2″ vs a 1/3″ video camera.