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First of all, you should consider the workflow in the OR room. All recorders need a human (that being the OR staff) to start, pause, stop, download, enter patient data. You will need to place the recorder in an accessible place for the OR staff plus be mindful of the cable connection from the CCU (which is usually located on the microscope floor stand).

Recorders with remote keyboards (bluetooth/wireless) plus on-screen menus on the room monitors will save you a lot of time and frustration with respect to the room’s workflow.

The other things to consider are:

  • Amount of storage space
  • The type of input/output connections
  • Ability to download the data onto external media in real time
  • Type of external media it exports to
  • Programmable for each surgeon preference with respect to patient data, video format, etc.
  • Is it network (DICOM) compatible and do you need to purchase additional DICOM software (most recorders come with DICOM)